Brian Lee


Write Down Goals

As many literatures suggest, I find that goal setting is very important. I am a skill-driven person. I like to continuously improve a skill until I am satisfied with it, even if it means repeating “boring” practices. My usual mantra is, “You only have to do it better than yesterday.” This kind of personality goes hand-in-hand with goal setting. I tend to set goals that are constantly moving ahead of me to continue my efforts. Many would find this frustrating, but I like how it keeps me focused and occupies my mind—I do like to keep busy.

Once I decided to embark on a journey to become financially independent, The social media like Facebook suggested many video clips of Jim Rohn. He, too, emphasized the importance of goal setting. Books like “Think and Grow Rich” stress the same. I always kept my goals just in my head and worked on them. But I decided to follow the advice and wrote my goals in a journal every morning. This had a surprising effect.

One of my financial goals is, “I have 100 million dollars.” I write that every morning. Since I’ve done so, I stopped buying meaningless “fun” items. I focus more on buying and maintaining assets, like my stock portfolio. I choose to be more frugal, although I splurge occasionally. Best of all, financial decisions that move me toward my goal, regardless of how much it is, stopped causing stress.

One of my current design projects for fine artists will cost me a significant amount of my financial resources. But I can stay on course and not abandon it because it gives me an opportunity to build a business that moves me toward the 100 million dollar goal. I think this is a welcomed change. I have peace of mind even though my financial picture may seem uncertain at present.

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