Brian Lee



I spend a lot of time alone, thinking and working on my skills. I’ve been doing this since I was 13, and it has given me plenty of time to explore ideas in my head. I quite like it. Over the years, I’ve formed quite a few theories that some may call “strange,” but I find them fun.

Not too long ago, I realized that I should write down my theories because I enjoy watching them evolve. Doing so may also explain who I am, and perhaps it will help some people. I’m not a social butterfly, but those who are close to me seem to value my opinions. That gives me the confidence to believe that the effort I put into this writing will be worthwhile.

You may ask, “What do all these theories have to do with entrepreneurship?” I see them as representations of my thinking process, showing that anything can move you toward your goals. For example, the theory on skill level might seem only loosely related to staying motivated, but I believe that accurately assessing your skills gives you a clear goal to strive for, especially if you are as skill-focused as I am.

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