I’m not tired … are you? A few weeks ago (September 2020) I posted this tweet, “If being woke means I believe in treating people with fairness, decency & respect. That I don’t want children to go hungry or people to be unfairly treated because of their ethnicity, sexuality, identity or disability. Then I don’t want to go to sleep… #imnottired are you?

Since then I have seen ‘some’ criticise Marcus Rashford for taking a stand against child poverty. This Twitter post by him is very revealing “On a serious note though, what is virtue signalling?”. The fact that anyone can accuse him of virtue signalling is incredible but Gary Lineker’s reply in this context is right on the money “It’s an insult thrown at people who have high moral standards, usually by people who don’t have high moral standards”. The BBC have since followed up with a social media crackdown on its staff.

My thoughts are that there is a growing recognition that we could be on the cusp of real change, of a societal shift. However, for this to happen I am convinced that those of us who believe in an equitable society need to work together.

This is a personal space that I am hoping will not become a one person, broadcast blog but a place where we can share ideas and learn from each other. I intend to post weekly reflections either by myself or from other people who may share their lived experience or perspectives that will be very different from mine. If you would like to share please do get in touch.

My feeling is that the majority of people have experienced some form of negativity as a result of their identity. What if we came together with an ambition to learn about our different perspectives and understand how we could be better allies? What if we shared ways of taking meaningful action to support each other. What if we reclaimed the term, so that for the majority being ‘woke’ was seen as a positive and preferable status to being sound asleep?

That is my hope for this space and to help the transition from passive commentary to positive action I’ll share a weekly call to action in support of each post. I really hope you’ll join me for the ride…


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