All good things…

As we are about to enter the Year of the Tiger it feels somewhat ironic to be bringing this blog to a close. The Year of the Tiger will apparently be about making big changes and having finally succumbed to COVID this week the biggest change for me will be taking a step back from blogging and immersing myself in a growing portfolio of work – almost all of which is centred on helping create a more inclusive world.

There is both a mental and emotional toll in researching and writing content and this month would have been a piece on the nationality and borders bill 2021. I feel that much of what needs to be said on this has been written by people far more knowledgeable and eloquent than me. I found this piece by Amnesty International to be really helpful.

My thanks to those of you who have read the blog and commented here or messaged me privately. There have also been a few joyous occasions when people have come to speak to me when they have seen me in person to say they have found the blog useful, challenging, entertaining or all three. It has been cathartic writing and sharing my thoughts and I have been given a huge sense of optimism at how many of us there are who share a passion for a more inclusive world.

I will leave the blog up in case you want to return to, or share, past posts, clips or linked articles. For now though this is me signing off, still not tired, just channelling my energy in a new way!