The snap…

For those of you familiar with the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) you can skip down past the picture of Thanos. For those who didn’t spend 11 years closely following the saga, I hope this intro will bring you sufficiently up to speed. Across a little more than a decade Marvel Studios released a series of superhero movies featuring The Avengers. The big bad of the series was a giant purple Titan named Thanos who collected magic stones, fused them with a big metal gauntlet and with a snap of his fingers made half the Universe disappear…

For fans of the movies the only clear image of Thanos snapping is in Endgame!

As someone who plies their trade in the charity sector I have seen the enormous power of the work that the hundreds of thousands of staff and volunteers conduct for our nation. Sometimes, it’s hyper visible from the volunteer vaccinators to the 2012 GamesMakers. But, more often than not the work is done quietly and humbly making a significant, yet silent, impact.

When archaeologists are searching for signs of ancient civilisation the first clue they search for is not money, or fine jewellery or buildings. No the biggest clue is the healing of a broken bone, a large one, like a femur. This is because in order for that bone to heal, others had to care enough for the injured individual to nurture them back to health. Without the support of their wider community they would simply die. I believe that today a proportion of that care has manifested itself in the modern day charity. Organisations that exist beyond the public purse that are the threads that hold and bind our community, the warp and weft, knitting us together.

Today they are under threat. If we believe in inclusion. That it is important to support children and families that are struggling to survive below the poverty line. To help victims of abuse to escape perpetrators and take bold steps to eradicating that cruel behaviour from society. To provide helplines and counselling support for the millions of us whose mental health has been severely damaged by the pandemic. To cure devastating and debilitating diseases or perhaps even help vaccinate a nation against a deadly pandemic. Then now is the time to act. So I hope the Chancellor is scheduling a chat with a charity CEO to follow on from his Zoom call with Gordon Ramsey. And I hope that you are taking the actions within your power. Donate to a cause you care about if you can and write to your MP to ask them what they intend to do in the short term to help us get through this crisis.

Returning to the protagonist of the piece. If we imagine Thanos as COVID we are getting worryingly close to the snap and the subsequent ‘dusting’ of not a friendly, neighbourhood Spiderman but the friendly, neighbourhood charities that support all of us when we are most in need. That thought is truly terrifying. In the movies, it took the Avengers 5 years and the ability to develop time travel to reverse the snap, what would it take us? Now is not the time to be tired…

Spiderman is ‘dusted’ by Thanos in Avengers Infinity War

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