Not Tired

by Brian Lee
Apr 9, 2024. Version 2.1

A short essay by Brian Lee. I wrote this for myself as a reminder. This essay is continuously updated as I gain more insights. I hope it helps you too.

It's been a long day.

When you have big dreams, it just takes that many more steps to achieve them. But remember, you thrive when faced with "the impossible." You even built a career out of it.

    Patience is not idling. It gives opportunities time to shine. In other words, patience to opportunities is what wood is to a small fire.

Now is the time.

Many have achieved success you desire with hard work and perseverance. Everything is manageable with effective time management. Focus, commit and spend your time wisely.

    Implement Getting Things Done to manage time and reclaim mental capacity. Small commitments are the key, one thing at a time. You've done it, seen it, felt it. It works.

You are not tired.

You would rather do something else, something more comfortable, something less mentally and physically demanding. But at what cost? Remember that you are driven and hungry.

Don't forget to love.

You push hard for the freedom to love everyone and everything important in your life. Love to be loved. Love the small moments and victories. Have time to love anything and everything.

Today always ends.

We all need a break from hard work. Maybe, today ends earlier than yesterday. Recharge to be your best again tomorrow.


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